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We provide all the services you need to offer an attractive retirement plan to your employees including:

Plan Maintenance

We consult, educate and help you, the employer-plan-sponsor, to select a plan appropriate to attract and retain employees. Then we prepare the documents needed to set up the plan. Going forward, amendments to the plan will be made for regulatory purposes as needed, and the plan may be amended for optional changes if the employer-sponsor desires. If you have an existing plan, we can review your plan to make sure it is up-to-date with regulatory requirements, and maintain it going forward.

Investment Advisor

We can help, with investment and retirement plan experience you can trust. We propose investments, usually mutual funds, appropriate for qualified retirement plans based on the research of our investment professionals. We refresh these investment choices at least annually to recommend the best investment choices available on a regular basis. We are not restricted or limited to any family or group of mutual funds; we use an open architecture approach to select the best of the best in the various investment categories from the entire universe of mutual funds. We use low-fee, no-load, non-proprietary funds, and we avoid funds that impose penalties for short-holding periods. Additionally, we propose investment models to guide plan participants to which investments in what amount are suitable for their investment objectives.

Plan Trustee

We fill the role of Plan trustee, custodian and record-keeper. As non-discretionary trustee, we help you, the employer/plan administrator, process enrollments, contributions, investment buys and sells, distributions, rollovers to the plan, and other day-to-day responsibilities. We also submit tax reports such as form 1099-R (distributions) and form 945 (tax withholding on distributions). As custodian of the plan, we take possession of the investments and handle all investment transactions such as trades and the processing of dividends. As record-keeper of the plan, we update valuations daily, and account for participant holdings and balances. We provide quarterly participant statements, and we offer online access so that participant can buy and sell investments in the plan and view their account balances, transactions and statements.


We keep you informed of regulatory changes that might effect your plan, recommendations on how to respond to regulatory changes if needed, and we provide various regulatory notices that must be given to participants such as the Summary Annual Report ("SAR"). We conduct compliance testing annually to make sure your plan complies with regulatory requirements. We also prepare form 5500 filings annually for electronic signature and submission.


We hold group-education-sessions for participants as needed, and will meet with employers on-one-on to help them meet their role as plan administrator.

Competitive Fees

The charges for our services are competitive and based on the market value of the plan.

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