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Touch ID

Touch ID is using your fingerprint to login to your mobile banking account. This is a safe, secure and fast way to access your mobile banking app.

Set up Touch ID for mobile banking:

  • To use: You will be prompted to place your fingerprint on your device’s home button. You will see the settings page and Touch ID will be enabled.

  • To learn more: Touch ID settings page will open and you can turn the feature on from that screen.

  • To close: You will then return to the main menu of the mobile app. After 30 days, you will be prompted one more time to use the Touch ID feature.

  • To turn on or off: Touch ID may be turned on or off at any time. The fingerprint may be un-enrolled through the settings menu of the app.

If you currently don't have mobile banking, simply download our app from the  iTunes® App Store or Google Play Store®.

Questions? Contact us. 


This screen prompts you to set up Touch ID.


Confirmation screen lets you know Touch ID has been correctly set up.

Login box can be swiped if you want to use your username and password.

You will be prompted to touch your fingerprint on the device home button.


*Internet and data charges may apply; check with your provider for applicable charges.

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