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We serve as investment manager for individuals or entities. We also serve as: trustee or co-trustee for revocable and irrevocable trusts of all types; personal representative or executor of an estate; trustee of an IRA or retirement plan such as a 401(k) or profit sharing plan; conservator for individuals who lack the capacity to manage their own financial affairs; and custodian of assets.

We offer expertise in trust and investments, fiduciary responsibility, investment planning and account administration.

Trust and Investments

In all of these roles, we hold titles or take possession of the assets we manage, predominately liquid assets. These assets include cash, money funds, bond funds, stock funds, CDs, stocks, bonds, REITs and so forth. We also handle special or alternative assets including various real estate interests, oil and gas or mineral interests, and commercial or residential properties.

Fiduciary Responsibility

In some of our fiduciary roles, we handle bill-paying for disabled clients and payroll services for household-employees who assist those clients.

Investment Planning

We observe the highest standards of investment management. For individual accounts, we help you determine your investment objectives and risk tolerance, then we propose suitable investments and a strategy designed for your goals. We manage your mutual funds, equities, bonds and other investment securities based on your needs such as preservation, growth or income.

We perform investment research and use modern, investment portfolio management methods to select the securities we manage taking into consideration performance, investment quality, diversification and tax-efficiency. All investment portfolios are reviewed regularly and adjusted as needed to meet investment objectives.

Account Administration

Administration of your account includes: voting proxies; collection of dividends and other income; processing disbursements, beneficiary distributions, gifting and receipts; keeping comprehensive records of assets (units, pricing, cost basis, dates and adjustments) and transactions upon those assets; administering trust functions according to the terms of the governing document; tax reporting (1099s, 5498s and annual tax worksheets); settling trades and bond calls and maturities; and reviewing and executing form 1041 tax returns prepared by local CPAs.

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