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Cash Management

We offer this service to our premier business customers that qualify. Cash Management can help plan, organize, and control your daily cash position. Let us help you manage your account portfolio to ensure you are taking advantage of your excess cash position.

Cash Concentration - allows your company with multiple locations to consolidate deposits daily from separate accounts into a master or concentration account. Deposits can be made at decentralized locations; available funds are automatically transferred to the cash concentration account on a daily basis.

Controlled Disbursement - items are not funded until they are presented for payment. This minimizes idle balances by allowing you to maintain a zero balance in your controlled disbursement account. Controlled Disbursement accounts are used to fund trade payables, payroll expense reimbursement, insurance payments, pension payments and dividends through check or ACH.

Target Balance/Minimum Balance - allows you to maintain a checking account without unproductive excess cash balances. These accounts start at a balance specified each business day. At the end of the day funds are automatically transferred to re-establish the specified balance. Accounts with a target balance of zero are known as Zero Balance Accounts (ZBA).

Excess Balance Sweeps - is an automated service that systematically determines the total balance in a deposit account, which is available overnight to reduce debt and/or invest.

Overdraft Protection Accounts - is an account that is linked with other accounts to ensure that it will never be overdrawn and prevent you from incurring NSF charges. Methods include: Line of Credit, Checking or Savings transfer and multiple account protection.

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