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Depend on Us for Security

There is nothing more important to us than knowing that our end users’

online financial transactions are private and secure. Our systems are

secured with encryption, perimeter and internal firewalls, screening

and filtering routers, intrusion detection, strict authentication, virus

protection, as well as application security. Application security includes

a double-blind process for issuing PINs, user lockouts due to failed

login, and additional encryption of sensitive user data during sessions.

Our network architecture is structured so the servers that store actual

account information are not directly connected to the Internet.


Security is strengthened by your efforts in keeping all account and login

data confidential. Never share your password with anyone and never

include account specific details within an unsecured email.


The most secure passwords are those which use a combination of both

alpha and numeric characters. Avoid using easily obtained personal data

within your password, such as initials and birth dates or loved

ones’ names.

Enhanced Login Security

In addition to password security, additional security steps to verify

your identity have been installed on our system called Enhanced

Login Security. Part of this identification process includes recognizing

the computer you normally use to access eBusiness Banking. This

information, coupled with your normal login details, is incorporated into

your online identity profile. These additional security features are a big

step in the process of creating a safe and secure eBusiness Banking


Signing Off

If you must step away from your workstation for even a moment while

using the eBusiness Banking system, be sure to sign off from your

session to ensure your account data is not reviewed or altered by

unauthorized individuals.


For increased security, the navigation of each user’s login can

be customized to display only the functions to which they have been

granted access.